Quickly Check How Visible your Website is to Search Engines
This free tool from SilverTech Websites and SEO allows you to easily determine how many pages are indexed at major website search engines. Simple place your domain name in the box below and select Search to check results.

Information about Indexed Pages
An indexed page is one that is cataloged by the search engine. It means that when someone searches for the information on your page, it actually has a chance of showing up.

A good website will have 500 or more pages indexed as there is either a ton of content (years of blog articles) or because they have hired a SEO expert that can offer versions of their websites to all geographical areas or industries they are looking to target. (Like SilverTech Websites and SEO).
Most Template Websites DO NOT Get Results
This is because most template service "website developers" does not properly understand how to code - a necessary part of getting clients found online. I have found that most template created websites and many featured websites on sites like Wix, Weebly, Webydo just DO NOT get results - they have 20, maybe 30 pages at most indexed by Google. If this includes your website, there is tons of room for improvement.

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