You are in the right place if you are looking for an experienced web developer that can get you found online.
SilverTech Website Design and SEO - the basics:
  • No templates, no outsourcing. No kidding - Zach Silver is a skilled programmer in many languages and highly capable of creating your unique website from the ground-up.
  • All websites are created in a one-of-a-kind website development platform that was hand-built by owner, Zach Silver. This gives results that no one else can offer without charging a fortune.
  • Unlike most template services that will charge you forever, there are no ongoing fees with SilverTech websites or SEO packages.
Fully Custom Website Design
That's right. Fully custom website design - no templates or outsourcing. The SilverTech website design process starts with a complete evaluation of your website's design needs and then includes a completely custom design. Your design isn't complete until it is exactly the way you want it to look.
Unlimited Possibilities
Because SilverTech Website Design and SEO does not use any template service and is a skilled programmer in many languages (including database languages), there is no limit to what can be achieved with your website. If you dream it, SilverTech Website Design and SEO can build it.
Trained for this - at Purdue University
SilverTech Website Design and SEO is proud to have formal training in website design by one of the best technical institutes in the world. In addition to the formal training received at Purdue, Zach Silver has never stopped learning and improving on his talents. Boiler Up!
The SilverTech Website Management System
SilverTech Website Design and SEO's owner, Zach Silver, hand-built a website management system that achieves results unlike any other firm. This is possible through extensive code that gets your website placed for all the products and services you offer.

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Languages and Systems
  • PHP Programmer
  • CSS Website Designer
  • MySQL Database Designer
  • Javascript Programmer
  • JQuery Programmer
  • Google AdWords Partner
  • Purdue Univeristy trained